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    The state of Texas is host to a large number of world-leading researchers in quantum science and technology, especially in quantum simulation, quantum materials, and quantum algorithms.

    The Texas Quantum Institute (TQI) aims to develop a multidisciplinary network to cover these areas and to form synergistic research teams to advance the frontiers of quantum information science and engineering.

    Coordinated through Rice University and the University of Texas at Austin (UT), and funded as a Conceptualization Grant (CG) from the National Science Foundation (NSF), the initial goal of the Texas Quantum Institute is to bring together local partners to launch a multidisciplinary network of Texas researchers and educators, with the defined objective to develop a compelling and comprehensive vision for a Challenge Institute (CI) pre-proposal, to be submitted in September 2020. Many team members are already involved in early-stage, cross-disciplinary quantum research, and we will further explore and foster new innovative collaborations on cutting edge topics. 

    Specifically, we shall explore three corresponding research thrusts; opening our discussions with a kick-off brainstorming meeting, followed by a series of workshops, seminars and organizational meetings.

    Research Themes and proposed activities during the 12-month planning period of the Texas Quantum Institute

    Partners and collaborators include industry, national laboratories, and international partners as well as education experts, and specialists in diversity, inclusion, and assessment.

    The potential impact of quantum information sciences on future technologies and therefore society is enormous, and the proposed conceptualization grant will lead to a TQI positioned to contribute to science, technology, workforce development, and education at the forefront of this revolution.